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Download Microinvest Smart Reports 4 APK

“Smart Reports”

Manage your entire warehouse intelligently by using the Smart Reports application, which visualizes multiple reports that you need to take decisions.

What are the advantages?

You can check in real time the turnover of the shift, availability in the warehouse, the quantities sold. “Smart Reports” works with the Microinvest Warehouse Pro database, supporting both MSSQL Server and MYSQL. The main screen is composed of a button menu leading to each report. When you press on to one of the graphs (visualized reports), a small window with information about the point on the graph appears (for example, the value of “x” and “y”).

• User screen for visualization and reviewing reports from Microinvest Warehouse Pro on a mobile device;
• Easy to setup and connection to the Microinvest Warehouse Pro database;
• Supports 8 languages;
• 25 different types of reports;
• Ability to add reports according to the needs of the user;
• Daily, weekly and monthly basis for visualizing the graphics;
• 3 types of graphics: pie charts, linear charts and bar charts;
• Remote access;
• Work on a local network or the Internet;
• The reports list is always available on the left side of the screen;
• Supported databases: MYSQL or MSSQL Server version 3.0.7
• Android 4.0 and newer.
• Minimum requirements, takes up small amount of space.

More about Microinvest Warehouse Pro can be found at
Redesign of the main menu;
Structured in groups reports;
Reports Menu customizations;
Feedback functionality.

>>>Download Microinvest Smart Reports 4 APK<<<

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>>>Download Microinvest Smart Reports 4 APK<<<

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